Davaar Island Lighthouse

Davaar Island was originally known as the island of Sanct Barre around 1449 -1508.
The modern name of ‘Davaar’ comes from the older Do Bharre – thy St Barre.
(Dr Gillies in his “Place Names of Argyll” accepts the popular derivation of the double-pointed (Da-Bharr) Island.)

Davaar, situated at the entrance to Campbeltown Loch, is only an island at high tide. The Dhorlin, a shingle bank, links the island to the mainland and can be crossed at low tide. Please do check for safe tide times to visit Davaar Island

Davaar Island Tide Times (Keeping it Local CIC regularly post safe walking times to Davaar)

The island is also known for its seven caves, one of which contains a life size cave painting depicting the crucifixion, painted in 1887 by local artist Archibald MacKinnon after he had a vision in a dream suggesting him to do so.

Davaar Island is one of only 43 tidal islands that can be walked to from the mainland of Great Britain and one of 17 that can be walked to from the Scottish mainland.

There are 2 cottages available to let for holidays – more information is available at the Davaar Island Website

The Davaar Lighthouse light was automated in 1983.

Click HERE for more info from the Northern Lighthouse Board. 

Published: 2022-04-20 10:09:44