HMS Landrail – RNAS Machrihanish – RAF Machrihanish

HMS Landrail/RNAS Machrihanish
HMS Landrail Crest - RNAS MAchrihanish

 RAF Machrihanish Crest
RAF Machrihanish.

Now a community owned and mothballed RAF base and Commercial Airfield servicing Campbeltown and surrounding areas, was once known as HMS Landrail, Royal Naval Air Station Machrihanish. Deck Landing School.

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Some excellent photos of United States Marine Core F4’s and A-6E’s visiting RAF Machrihanish in March 1984.

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HMS Landrail Crest Mug
Information on Squadrons who were at Machrihanish. Most of these squadrons were forming or reforming.  
Royal Navy: Fleet Air Army , August 1945
Front-line Squadrons ashore in the UK:
805 Squadron, flying the Supermarine Seafire for 20CAG/ Colossus class carrier
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806 Squadron, flying the Supermarine Seafire for 21CAG/Colossus class carrier
Squadron History:
Training & Support Squadrons:
RNAS Machrihanish/HMS Landrail – 740 Squadron-communications

HMS Landrail
Laforey Class Destroyer – HMS Landrail, Launched  7th February 1914. Served with the 3rd Destroyer Flotilla on completion and transferred to escort duties after 1917. 
The ship was damage after colliding with HMS Undaunted in August 1915. Sold for breaking in December 1921

883 Squadron
883 Squadron -Originally made up of Royal Canadian Air force pilots, became the first Canadian Naval Air Squadron.
883 Squadron consisted of RCAF pilots who had just re-mustered to the RCN.
The squadron formed on Seafires at Arbroath in Scotland in September 1945 shortly after VJ-Day, moved to Nutts Corner in Ireland, then back to Machrihanish in March ‘46, by which time it was up to operational standards and was given a Canadian number.