Davaar Island Lighthouse

Davaar Island was originally known as the island of Sanct Barre around 1449 -1508. The modern name of ‘Davaar’ comes from the older Do Bharre – thy St Barre. (Dr Gillies in his “Place Names of Argyll” accepts the popular derivation of the double-pointed (Da-Bharr) Island.) Davaar, situated at the entrance to Campbeltown Loch, is […] Read More

Reginald Aubrey Fessenden

‘The Father of Radio Broadcasting.’ “By his genius distant lands converse and men sail unafraid upon the deep” ‘…My parents despaired of me. They saw my future as a church minister or a teacher, but when I closed my eyes and dreamed, I saw an invention that could send voices around the world without using […] Read More

Machrihanish Wildlife

For an unparalleled wildlife experience with superb bird watching and spectacular scenery, Machrihanish offers what is arguably the very best of Kintyre. Thanks to the dedication of the wardens the Observatory has become the focus of bird watching activity in Kintyre and arrangements regarding its future management are secure. More Info and Images. Images courtesy […] Read More

The Gauldrons…

The Gauldrons (“Innean nan Gailleann” – Innean or Bay of Storms) For a scrollable, zoom-able, panoramic view of The Gauldrons please click the link below: http://www.machrihanish.net/im…/ms-test/IMG_3792_stitch.html A couple of books by local authors describe the area beautifully…..the books describe the areas from different points of view, sometimes historical at others poetical but at all times […] Read More