The Gauldrons

The Gauldrons entrance sign.

The Gauldrons (“Innean nan Gailleann” – Innean or Bay of Storms)
The Gauldrons

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A couple of books by local authors describe the area beautifully…..the books describe the areas from different points of view, sometimes historical at others poetical but at all times very informative……….

Kintyre – The Hidden Past by Angus Martin
John Donald Publishers Ltd – ISBN 0 85976 119 3

Meanders in South Kintyre by James McNeill
Published by the Kintyre Antiquarian and Natural History Society.

Both books are well worth reading to gain an insight into the lives of the people of the area and how they lived and continue to thrive. Other books on the area available at Amazon.


Extract from Kintyre – The Hidden Past

The Western Shore

‘The Eenans’ – The name’s plural probably acknowledges the twin townships there, long abandoned and now ruinous. Innean Mór is on the Atlantic-facing slope of Cnoc Maighe, south of Eenans Glen. Innean Beag is on the Northern shoulder of the Glen. Its remains are sparser and less defined than those of its neighbour, and when the virulent bracken has risen chest-high the scattered ruins are hidden.